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Improve your music performance experience

  • 35Days


If you feel stuck, do not like your 'sound', feel like you do not make progress despite lots of practice, this introductory course may assist you to make positive changes to your day-to-day playing experience. It will guide you in assessing your current practice through weekly questions and exercises. The program offers tools to assist you in kick-starting this change, that can often be difficult to do in isolation. The course is broken into 4 key areas of exploration: 1. Establishing your current practice and performance experience 2. The mind/body dynamic and how it informs your musical experience 3. Space - what to be aware of. 4. Taking control - the building blocks for a better experience Over 5 weeks you will take a focused look at your practice as it is today. You will also be offered tools to kick start changes in your practice. The deeper you engage, the more you may gain from the exercises and insights it offers. Our instrument is an extension of ourselves, it is not separate. It is a reflection of where we are on our musical journey. It changes as we do with focused investment in our practice. Therefore, it is equally important to give allocated time to our mind/body/space awareness as it is to developing repertoire and technical skills. So are you ready? Let's get started. I hope you will approach this program with 'excitement' as you begin to change the course of your experience.

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