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A November view.... An Stábla

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The work continues, in a beautiful way, today with cutting some kippings' in advance of the next gathering this week. We are more used to the night time setting at An Stábla, but here is a November day view of the progress of the project.

There is something magical, deeply familiar and fitting about playing music at An Stábla. It is the type of setting in rural East Clare where so much of our music was played. Modest, rustic surroundings that seem to draw the music out, connecting innately with the surrounding landscape in an unspoken acknowledgement that the land of this area, with the Dolmen behind us and Iniscealtra in front of us, can potentially elevate our experience. A lot of activity goes on in the days that lead up to gatherings. There are always subtle changes taking place to enhance the experience of the place, but these changes are purposefully slow, in keeping with the space, as it is all being revealed over time.


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