Coming in 2023 ....

There will be lots of exciting new events at Turas House for the new year. As we physically harvest and sow some seeds from this years crop from nature such as acorns, alder, marrows, lettuce, sunflowers, apples and more, we are also sowing seeds for future events.

The focus of next year will be about creating deeper connections, with ourselves firstly, but also with the wider community of like-minded people. We wish to connect with you. We wish to do so word of mouth. We would love to pull back a little from the dependency on social media. This is not easy as it can be a useful tool to advertise and connect. However, we also believe in the power of true, in person connection and sharing. If you are reading this and agree, why not share this with one other person today that you feel might also like to work in this way.

Our focus on connection for 2023 is in fact through multiple ways that include music, creative arts such as painting and writing, through in person workshops that focus on bringing about a deeper understanding of ourselves thereby increasing our happiness and ability to connect with others.

Our events here are intended to connect with nature. We are working on making our two acre meadow a woodland that is inviting as a reflective, scenic space while engaged in activities on the property. There is also an opportunity for a hands on creative carpenter to work in the meadow to devise a workshop on how to make out-door seating areas using old scrap wood. If this is you, please do contact us. Our music weekends include woodland walks, night sessions while learning some East Clare style music. We also host regular kitchen sessions throughout the year.

We have regular sound bath therapy sessions and offer space for photographers, writers and painters to facilitate hands on workshops here in the Slieve Aughty protected area of land that overlooks Iniscealtra (Lough Derg). If you are an artist interested in booking this space, please do contact us. We are delighted to discuss what is ideal for you and do our best to facilitate your needs. We work with artists on an individual basis.

If you like what you read and would like to reach out, you can do so initially via email to We would be delighted to hear from you and meet and work together in 2023.