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Debut Album "Beneath the Hedgerow"

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

The landscape of the heart is vast, full of hills and hollows, smooth and rough throughout life. Listening to it with empathy, feeling and intent, permits a broader perceptual landscape that will guide you home.

Cli Donnellan, September, 2020.

I am just finishing the sleeve notes for my debut album. It is at that stage. I have had the most wonderful musicians and friends support me through the years. Some feature on the album, others have supported me along the journey with their music and friendship and last night I received soul nourishing words as feedback. So, with a warm heart this morning it is time to embrace the next stage. If you would like to support this project you can through my Patreon Page Cli Donnellan. If you would like to make a one off contribution to help in getting this project to fruition you can do so through

Keep tuned in. I will be sharing more about my album and journey over the coming weeks. Have a beautiful Day.


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