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I see your light (a short message for the day)

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Saturday, 11th April, 2020 #ShineYourLight at 9 p.m. - a universal invitation to share a moment of solidarity against the Covid 19 pandemic. A moment where our “identity” became ONE.

Identity is a perception held in any given moment. This picture offers a number of symbolic messages.

From the left, there are three-night lights enclosed in a lantern, (although only two can be seen). There is a solo, round candle next to the lantern. There is a larger, scented candle purposefully presented in a designated jar. Lastly, there is a recycled jar wherein three lights shine.

Our soul light comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours. We may come from different homes, communities, countries and even continents. Conditioning may have us believe our identities are made up by gender, monetary wealth, what we work at, what our title is and who we live with. Even if only for a moment, we are shown another possibility. We are all of the one identity. We all share a light, how brightly it shines may vary. Our identity is being altered by our universal experience in this very moment.

© Cli Donnellan, Creative Facilitator

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Cli Donnellan Ph.D.
Cli Donnellan Ph.D.
04 ene 2021

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