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NEWSLETTER January 2021

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Hello Friends and welcome 2021.

As an Irish traditional musician, tutor and producer, it is clear that it will be quite a while yet until we can play, teach, create and perform music face to face due to current Covid trends.

I produce and present an Irish Traditional music radio show weekly and this show has moved from a half hour show a year ago, to two hours, with the introduction this week to an artist anthology series. This has been developed in response to the recent news of further restrictions for the foreseeable future. The idea of this is to support artists by giving them 20 minutes air time to talk about their work, projects, productions, challenges and how they are navigating the ups and downs of the past 11 months with persistent uncertainty. This in turn provides those who love the arts the opportunity to support artists in an alternative way through their webpages, cd purchases, booking classes, etc.

Beginning as we are in 2021, I am offering a number of ways for you to learn, engage and develop your music, interest and personal commitments to your own creative output and development but also ways for your to share your experiences, suggestions and conversations in alternative ways until we can meet face to face again. So here are a few to start.

  1. Skype Lessons - I am offering one-to-one lessons, half hour in duration on Irish traditional fiddle, focusing specifically on East Clare style fiddle, with emphasis on learning by ear.

2. WhatsApp Session Group - After setting up a WhatsApp adult Irish Fiddle group during the last quarter of 2020, I am delighted to announce that I will be setting up more for 2021. WhatsApp Session Group - This group is ideally suited to players who do not engage with or like Skype. It is not a beginner group.

A tune a week is posted by video, East Clare style, played slowly for learning. The idea of the group is interactive. Participants can ask questions, or request specific tunes. Tunes are posted once a week, where comments and interactions can take place at any stage. This means participants can engage any day of the week at any time. So if you have a friend living abroad and you wish to connect and learn together, this is idea. Notes also provided.

3. Are you or have you been involved in your own trad group but cannot get together now and would like a leader? Also available is the development of your own WhatsApp participant group, lead and administered by me, where it includes only your own friends that you played with before.

The above relate to the teaching aspects of my work. I am also involved in arts related projects and available for collaborative bookings.

Further information, bookings, contact Cli by email :



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Cli Donnellan Ph.D.
Cli Donnellan Ph.D.

Thank you very much Donal for your feedback. Very much appreciated


Dónal Fennessy
Dónal Fennessy

The Artist Anthology Series is a brilliant addition to your radio show which has a world wide listenership Cli. Now you will continue to teach and encourage people across the globe. Well done.

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