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Our universal year 7 in 2023

The focus of the universe in its 7th year in 2023 has the powerful energy of personal and spiritual growth as it primary theme. And if you happen to be in a year 7 yourself, this energy is even stronger. On reflection back on the year so far, you may have have found yourself questioning aspects of your life that you were previously happy with and wondering what am I doing and why? With this you may have felt bouts of fatigue with the status quo in your work, relationships and/or daily routines. This can be part of this year's 7 energy.

Here at Creative Change, we began by taking a 'leap of faith' as it were, to embark on a new way of navigating life. As a musician, mentor, curator and producer, this transition has been both interesting and at times, challenging.

The journey began in 2020, when I decided to go freelance leaving all regular paid work behind. Of course the timing did not favour this decision. However, I began to look at what I had rather than what I had not and as a result began the slow process of working on the property here in East Clare that has hosted Irish trad music kitchen sessions, weekend music workshops, An Seisiún Ciuín, Sound Therapy sessions, the Flow Game, The Artist Way Course and holistic therapy workshops. It did not begin with a master plan, rather the opposite. Life events, what was happening externally in the world and time alone, gradually began feeding into what has emerged. Instead of looking outside for work, pooling multiple skills together and the slow physical process of developing the space, began. On reflection, back in 2018, when I finished my Ph.D. studies, that focused on how we can enhance our creative experience, little did I know that I would be incorporating that work into building and providing a physical and online space where our community of friends are connecting, working and sharing skills and experiences that focus on a more balanced, less hectic, self-directed way of living and creating. This means taking time out to assess life, slow down long enough to listen within and also 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.

My earlier work and research was in preparation for what we are building here. My music and my mind/body practice are interconnected. As is our connection to our surrounding landscape.

We have two strands to what is on offer here, our holistic events and our music events, both separate, both inter-connected. It took me a while to fully integrate what was naturally happening within this evolving process and the interconnectedness of it all. The energy of this year has helped. Yet, the way forward is not clear. Why? Because we are living in a world that is constantly changing and deciding to live within that concept can be challenging. However, it is through trust, listening, connection and following the internal guides and messages I continue to play in this ever changing landscape.

So if you find yourself feeling a little lost, in need of a new direction, being drawn to changing the status quo this year, go with the inward energy flow of the 7 year and listen to your heart. Enjoy the adventure of the remaining four months of this powerful energy year.


Cli Donnellan Ph.D.

Creative Change Cli Donnellan Ph.D.


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