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Trad Music Weekend East Clare 2024 pre-booking form now available.

Updated: Aug 27

After a booked out 2023 weekend, we are offering you the chance to register your name for the 2024 weekend program. By filling out the pre-booking form below, you will receive an email Spring next year, offering you the option to book in advance of general advertising for the Trad Music Weekend.

The music weekend offers workshops on East Clare style repertoire, workshops on enhancing your music performance experience, nightly sessions while also interacting in the local landscape of East Clare. The setting is rustic and rural, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the landscape of the area that influences our traditional music. Here is a glimpse of our 2023 activities.

The weekend is about connection, community, music and landscape. If this appeals to you, fill our pre-booking trad weekend 2024 form by clicking the link below.

pre-booking 2024 trad music weekend east clare


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