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Trad Music East Clare

Updated: Aug 27

If you would like to be part of this community of traditional musicians who gather in a different way to immerse yourself in a quiet, intimate setting that focuses on connecting to our surroundings as we explore our music then contact me Cli at to avail of any part or all of this weekend.

Did you ever wonder how different it would feel to immerse yourself in the countryside and landscape of an area where the music reflects oozes a mirror reflection of the land? Well that is what we are doing here at the Slieve Aughty Mountain protected area of East Clare overlooking Iniscealtra (Lough Derg). At Cli's place you can sit yourself right in the middle of it all while learning some repertoire with the Pat O'Connor, then attend a workshop with Cli that looks at issues, challenges and solutions to music expression that you might be having.

Two years ago it began, just as we emerged from restriction. (A little picture video is attached below) Our participants attended the morning workshops then we went for a wood walk and swim in Lough Derg to Iniscealtra (for those wishing to do the distance). Others went fishing and hiking and walking around our beautiful picturesque village. In the afternoon some participants opted to have a one-to-one class, while others had siesta before re-grouping for our night time sessions.

All instruments are welcome. With just two weekends to go the instruments signed up so far include concertina, mandolin and fiddle. The workshops are open to all instruments but are not suitable for beginners. This is an ideal wind down after the adventure of the Willie Clancy week.


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