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Upcoming Workshops July 2022

Updated: Feb 15

With his new album "Glaise" just out last week, we are delighted and thrilled to have Pat O'Connor as our East Clare Irish traditional music tutor for our Trad Weekend 15th-17th July. Pat will deliver two morning workshops on the 16th and 17th July from 10-11.30 p.m. These workshops will focus on East Clare style and repertoire and are open to all instruments.

The workshops take place at An Stábla, East Clare, where you will experience an intimate setting in a rustic, rural atmosphere, while soaking up the sights and energy of this very special place. An Stábla and Turas House are situated in the the Slieve Aughty protected area of East Clare, overlooking Iniscealtra (Holy Island). If you would like a workshop away from crowds and towns and fully immerse yourself in music and nature of East Clare then contact us.

After your workshop you can take a walk in Woodpark at the end of the road, or opt for a cold water swim or both. In the evening we have night time sessions facilitated by Cli in An Stábla. For more information and booking email


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