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Sowing creative seeds 🎻🎶🎻

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

At times it is difficult to stay motivated during this difficult period of waiting. It has been nearly a year here in Ireland since we were first locked down. We thrive best when we are working towards something such as an event, a deadline, a celebration, working with others on a project or sharing with others.

I have developed a number of tools that help me through difficult times. I’ve been watching shrubs and plants in their out of season state these past few months. They are discoloured, lifeless, barely hanging on for their time to shine again. They cannot grow just yet! However, with a little assistance, the old plant leaves behind that which is of no use and brings forward what is useful so that it can multiply and blossom.

This morning I took a clipping from my geranium pot. The ends were dead but the top was still green. I have placed this clipping in a glass of water and I will watch it root over the coming weeks. Today I have also set some targets and practice for myself as I sow some new seeds of my own. It is good to write them in a journal. If you are working on technique or a new tune, it can be helpful to record yourself on the day you begin and date the recording so you can map your progress.

The aim is to achieve your goal when that root is ready to be planted. You can do this with any clipping or if you do not have a clipping you can sow seeds today by reusing an egg box with a handful of compost.

Developing a toolbox of props can be very supportive but like the flowers, a little assistance from time to time can be just what is needed.

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